Ätherische Öle Kerze
Aromakerze Schutzrune
Aromakerze - Nordforst mit Schutzrune - Valhalla Gear
Aromakerze - Nordforst mit Schutzrune - Valhalla Gear
Aromakerze - Nordforst mit Schutzrune - Valhalla Gear

Aromatic Candle - North Forest with Protection Rune

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Nonzigartige Designs🐺 | Certified textiles🌱 | One tree per order🌳 

With our candle you get a double bottom in your house! The binding rune protects you and your home and smells like a long forest bath. 

Binding Runes are used for healing, magical purposes, or simply protection. We have created a good mix of these three qualities for you.

This candle arrives at your home in an elegant and sustainable packaging. Just as noble and effective, the binding rune will cover you and your home and provide protection and stability in your everyday life. While the great Algiz watches over you, Manaz clears your mind and creates clarity within you and outside. This binding rune was designed for you exactly for the burning time of the candle of 30 hours. You can apply them continuously to get an even effect. It is the soothing scent of wildness and nature that offers you strength and relaxation.

Version 1: The wooden wick spreads a cozy campfire atmosphere and exudes the tart scent of the forest

Variant 2: The cotton wick spreads the usual candlelight and exudes the tart scent of the forest

Aromatherapy & effect:

The candles, which are sustainably hand-poured in Germany, combine the power of the runes and ensure a balanced and strong home, while the 100% natural oils transform your hut into a true fragrance experience. The fact that essential oils have a positive effect on your health is no longer a guess. There are numerous studies that show a demonstrable effect of monoterpenes on the human body. The oils have a calming, pain-relieving, balancing and much more. If you are interested in the study situation, please write to us and we will share our knowledge with you.

Top note: Brandenburg pine

Basenote: Wacholderholz & Tanne

Effect: Clarifying & relieving

Shipping Details: 2 - 4 days - only in DE