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Incense Burner - Spiritual Strength

Incense Burner - Spiritual Strength

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In the Mannaz Rune (ᛗ) puts the human being at the center of his own observation. Man, as an intermediate being of spirit and matter, unites the female and male parts of creation and expands these dimensions with a third, non-material level. In this space, people can recognize themselves as part of the whole and understand that the whole is also part of themselves. This "mortal" side of eternity is expanded with the Ansuz rune (ᚨ), which is directly related to the Asen family of gods and lets the touch of immortality flow into your binding rune. You as the wearer are caught in a cycle of life and death and experience growth and decay. The rune helps you to better understand the plan of the gods and opens inner doors to the truth. Self-knowledge and self-acceptance are keywords for this inner work. It helps you to link unconscious urges with conscious knowledge and to recognize that death is only an illusion and a way station for the next level of being.

When smoking with charcoal on incense bowls, you should always use incense sand as this protects the bowl from overheating.
The shell can also be used for the following applications:

Diameter about 9-10 cm, about 7-8 cm high
Since it is a natural material and the bowl is 100% handmade, the color and shape can vary and differ from the picture! The bowls are neither food safe nor waterproof.

Shipping Details:  Germany: 1-5 days - free. Abroad: 3 to 10 days 

Product Information: 

  • Material: 85% cotton, 15% polyester (recycled)
  • Cut: Regular fit  

 This beautiful clay incense bowl will help you find your balance
 Different runes

  • as a potpourri bowl
  • for storing jewelry or stones
  • or much more