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Incense bowls - rune for longevity

Incense bowls - rune for longevity

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This binding rune promises its wearer a long and healthy life. Ingwaz (ᛝ) the rune of the gods describes a rhombus, which describes the eternal circle of life. Also known as Urei, it sends a clear message: "Let go of the past to invite new things into your life."

This applies to every new phase of life and is the secret of a long and happy life. Ingwaz stands for the inner fire that symbolizes the divine spark that blazes in each of us. The rune is rounded off with Dagaz (ᛞ), the rune of day and night. It is considered a sign of inner breakthrough and the realization that we are all living for the first time.

Jump into the cold water empty-handed and your fear of drowning will be transformed. Now you let yourself be carried away by the current of life.

When smoking with charcoal on incense bowls, you should always use incense sand as this protects the bowl from overheating.
The shell can also be used for the following applications:

Diameter about 9-10 cm, about 7-8 cm high
Since it is a natural material and the bowl is 100% handmade, the color and shape can vary and differ from the picture! The bowls are neither food safe nor waterproof.

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Product Information:

 This beautiful clay incense bowl will help you find your balance
 Different runes

  • as a potpourri bowl
  • for storing jewelry or stones
  • or much more