Protection amulet - prosperity rune

Protection amulet - prosperity rune

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This binding rune combines the magic of the Algiz Rune (ᛉ) and the powerful Inguz Rune (ᛜ) and brings you a life of contentment and prosperity. While Algiz takes on the protective part of the magic and promises the wearer protection, care, security, blessings and a filter for the evil eye, Inguz completes the power package with the power of the ruler and fertility.            

So here two fundamental forces of the same coin come together. On the one hand the passive and protective power of the gods and on the other hand the active creative power of man himself. Through the targeted use of these two powers, the wearer of this amulet will create a safe home for himself and his loved ones, in which nothing will be lacking.

Find the balance between your desires and your actions and you can achieve anything.


The handmade amulets are made of clay and each one is made by our partner Viking Sons made personally, with all our dedication. Since they manufacture everything by hand, no amulet is like the other and each one is an individual piece and unique. On the glaze may vary.
runes are not only magical signs but were already used by our ancestors, the Germanic and Nordic tribes, such as the Vikings, to write texts.

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This beautiful protective amulet will help you build wealth

  • Material: Ton
  • Length: approx. 60 cm
  • Pendant diameter: approx. 2.5 cm